How to enhance your projects with Maslow Pyramid for projects?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple tool, that tells exactly how to get into control again? And to get back the trust from clients? Something like the Maslow Pyramid of Needs, but then for projects? Wouldn’t that boost your leadership? Don’t you think so? That is now exactly what I have constructed. The…

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How to start with Critical Chain multi-Project Management

[icegram campaigns=”1240″] With Critical Chain multi–Project Management get into control again. See the video and download the paper, to learn how. Most problems in projects can be traced back to people who didn’t have the time to complete all their work. CCmPM is going to solve that. Projects are started too early or too often…

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Critical Chain Empower Your Projects

How To Start With Critical Chain Project Management

[icegram campaigns=”1240″]Together with Agile is Critical Chain one of the major contributions to Project Management of the past 20 years. Hurdles of getting started About 15 years ago, I read about Critical Chain for the first time. I was really fascinated about it, but I had no idea how to apply that to my projects.…

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How To Easy Start With Planning Your Project

[icegram campaigns=”1240″] If you haven’t yet tons of experience with planning projects yet. Or if you are a seasoned ‘never too old to learn’ project manager, then continue to read… With just your common sense, a few tricks and techniques, you can easily improve your planning skills to better complete your projects successfully. The trick…

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How To Streamline Your Project Planning

[icegram campaigns=”1240″] How to streamline your planning, and better complete projects successfully, in one go? Over the past years, I studied projects organizations. It was part of my research why all organizations struggle with the same problems. I’ve visited over a hundred organization. High-tech, construction, automobile, software development, IT, government, offshore, engineering, …. All with…

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3 Golden Rules

3 Golden Rules To Make Project Management Simple Again

[icegram campaigns=”1240″] How to better complete your projects successfully? How to earn more trust from your clients and sponsors? Those who do, earn more than trust alone. I struggled decades with my own projects. Many years I struggled decades with my own projects. Many years I studied project organizations, their structural problems, and success stories. It…

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Project Planning Agile

Get LEAN: How to Destroy Waste In Your Project Planning

[icegram campaigns=”1240″] How to better complete your projects successfully? Those project managers who do, earn more than trust from their clients and stakeholders alone. The challenge of the PMBoK planning process, as it is taught and examined by PMI, is that it is packed with waste. Most project plans are not adequate. Waste in your…

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