Every project manager and project executive can better complete projects with Empower Your Projects

  • Stay in control, without becoming a control freak
  • Get in control again, if you have tried everything already. And nothing seems to work.
  • Collaborate with your team, without resistance and objections
  • Manage complex projects without running behind the facts
  • Use enterprise planning software, without an enterprise budget
  • Integrate Agile/Scrum into your project planning and with Critical Chain Project Management
  • How to manage over 50 projects without chaos and getting lost
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A new and easier framework is needed.

Order without hodgepodge

Projects are increasingly complex. And so is project management. If you want to learn project management, you´ve got put yourself through an enormous hodgepodge of project management best practices.

We saw that project management is far too difficult and too advanced for the average project manager.

Probably you also found out, that the traditional project management tools became old and rusty.  It is time for a totally new approach. We need to go back to the fundamentals of project management.

Trust without telling

There are dozens of processes, hundreds of best practices and literally thousands of templates that tell exactly what to do to complete your projects successfully. It is all far to complicated. And impossible to implement.

We discovered that almost all problems with projects, can be traced back to just a few (4) unfulfilled basic needs. And that successful improvement strategies consistently better fulfill these needs.

The only thing you need to do, is start fulfilling the 4 simple basic needs for your projects to complete successfully. You see the logic.

Mastering Multi-Project Organizations


It is absurd. We know a lot about project management. But how project organizations really work is hardly understood. The proof is that most improvement strategies and task forces to better complete projects successfully, die a silent death.

We unraveled the patterns and causes that is causing disorder and chaos. We revealed secrets nobody ever told you before. We designed solutions, all project organizations are waiting for, that are unique and unprecedentedly simple for the project management industry.

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Start today to Empower Your Projects

Receive the eBook and Empower Your Projects

We've designed our program with you in mind

We know how frustrating and lonely it can be, to be on your own. And don't know where to go to when you're stuck.

We designed our program for you, if you to stay in charge, but don't want to be all on your own and don't want to invent the wheel yourself.

LYNX TameFlow

We recommend the use of LYNX TameFlow. Because it offers what you need to stay in control. When you are a project manager or project executive.

Because it helps you to build new insights, you won't be able to get without hands-on practicing and experiments. It makes new solutions available to you, that are out of your reach today.

Short Training Video's

The Empower Your Project program is broken down in short training video’s. That give you just what you need, without overwhelming you with information you can’t absorb. You can follow the online training program of Empower Your Projects at your own pace.

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Insight and Practice

We designed our training to help you to build new insights and experience apply it in practice. To help you to get started. To master LYNX TameFlow. To understand the basic needs for projects. To integrate Agile in your planning. To master complex large-scale projects. To manage project pipelines in multi-project organizations. To implement Empower Your Projects in your organization. And more.

Q&A Webinars

Weekly Q&A webinars offer you the opportunity to get answers on your questions. So, you have a place you can go to when get stuck. Questions can also be raised upfront via email or social media. So even if you can’t attend the life webinar you can watch the replay get your questions answered.

How To Demo's with LYNX TameFlow

We know how difficult it can be to get it all working.

So, where applicable and feasible, every lesson we demonstrate how to apply the lessons using LYNX TameFlow. To both give you better understanding and better skills and hands-on.

On your own, with our help

We like to help you, even if you are not interested in hiring expensive consultants. Or us. You want to stay in charge. Figure it out your self. At your own pace without being pushed by others.

But you like to get updates on what is new. And want to have some help when you get stuck. With this in mind, we have designed Empower Your Projects.


All training and webinars are also available as a replay. You will never miss anything.

You can follow the online training program of Empower Your Projects at your own pace. From where you want and when you want.


When you join Empower Your Projects, you are invited to join the Empower Your Projects community. Where you can learn from others. And others will appreciate your advice. Together we can accomplish more than we can do alone.

Receive the eBook and Empower Your Projects

We want to help you to say – I'm In Control!

Get started with your projects without wasting your time

Do you realize that even when you are a starting project manager, you are an experienced professional? And a highly appreciated human being? You might not know much about project management. But you are intelligent, collaborative, and eager.

Getting started without wasting your time requires focus. There are just a few things you need to learn and a few things you need to do, to get started and to stay in control. And rely on your common sense. You are doing a great job already.

With Empower Your Projects you learn how to get started without wasting your time.

Be in control without being a control freak

Time, cost, quality, scope, progress, completed products, communication, stakeholders, alignment, budgets, spending, contracts, hundreds of tasks, thousands of actions, timely project updates.

You don’t need to control everything if you fulfil the basic needs for your project to be successful.

With Empower Your Projects you learn how to be in control without being a control freak.

Get in control again, if you have tried everything already

Every year, hundreds of thousands, probably millions of project managers experience that project running out of control. They can’t complete their project. They lose the trust of their clients. If this happened to you, then you must know it isn’t your fault. I’m one of them.

If you are a seasoned project manager and have tried everything already, you just need to learn what basic needs, need to be fulfilled to get in control again. Your strength is your experience and your knowledge about project management. This is a great asset.

With Empower Your Projects you learn how to get in control again if you have tried everything already.

Collaborate with your team, without resistance and objections

Collaboration is the success factor for projects. It is why projects exist. So, people can accomplish together what they couldn’t accomplish alone.

Conflicts, resistance, objections and sometimes even sabotage is almost always caused by unfulfilled basic needs. The beauty is that your people desire what you want them to do. Most employees desire to get their work done, because they love their job. To overcome all these problems, you need to fulfill the basic needs to enable them to do their job. When you think about that, it is very logical.

With Empower Your Projects you learn to collaborate with your team, without resistance and objections.


Manage complex projects running behind the facts

Many projects are too big for a Scrum team. Too unpredictable for traditional project management. Many projects today require dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people with different backgrounds to collaborate over a long time. Many projects run for years. Commonly advocated tools simply don’t work.

How to build a project schedule, without losing overview? How to execute such a plan, without losing control?

Understanding the basic needs for projects to successful even helps you to stay in control of large and complex projects. With Empower Your Projects you learn how align the day to day details with the corporate objectives.

Working for demanding clients without collapsing under the pressure

Many projects fail, not because project members were too optimistic. But because they collapsed under the pressure of a demanding clients to start directly. There are reasons they couldn’t convince their clients and bosses to postpone their decision to start the project immediately.

With Empower Your Projects you learn how to fulfill more your clients’ desires, without overloading your people.

Manage dozens or even hundreds of projects, without being overtaken by surprises and outdated facts

Projects deal with many uncertainties. There are daily unexpected situations. Influences from outside push projects of track. With Empower Your Projects you keep in control of what matters. You have the tools to constantly adapt your plans to the ever-changing situation. Automatically.

Use enterprise planning software, without an enterprise budget

It is almost impossible to stay in control without dedicated planning software. Unfortunately, popular affordable software isn´t suitable to help you to fulfil your projects basic needs. And software that is suitable, is only affordable for enterprises.

With Empower Your Projects, you can use enterprise planning software, and use all advanced functionality without restriction, without the need of an enterprise budget.

Now you know that every project manager can better complete projects successfully and better earn trust from clients. The secret is to fulfill the basic needs for your projects to be successful. You learn how with Empower Your Projects.

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