Empower Your Projects makes it easy to:

  • Getting started easily with managing your projects
  • Better complete your projects successfully
  • Learn Critical Chain, and integrate it with Agile project management so you can apply it easily to your projects and/or organization
  • Get started with LYNX TameFlow for getting and staying in control
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Empower Your Projects with LYNX TameFlow

Empower Your Projects is an easy to learn project management approach. This powerful system helps you to simply get started with project management and better complete projects successfully. And instantly take measures to get into control again.

With Empower Your Projects you get instant access to our getting-started membership homepage TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE or without any purchases. To allow you to get started easily. To improve your chances to successfully complete your projects. Or to convince yourself that Empower Your Projects with LYNX TameFlow is the best way to get into control and stay in control.

In addition to the powerful and easy to learn Empower Your Projects, we will allow you to grant and revoke access to even more posts, pages, categories, tags, feeds, manuals, updates, training video’s, communities and digital files, free of charge.

With LYNX TameFlow you maintain a clear overview over your most complex projects. You complete reliably your deliverables, even when you work in project organizations with high levels of uncertainty. You combine traditional project management methods like traditional waterfall with Critical Chain Project Management, Agile Scrum and KanBan workpackages.

With LYNX TameFlow you’ll be able to:

  • Plan all your projects easily
  • Import from other applications like Microsoft Projects
  • Manage your full Project Portfolio
  • Easily grant access to all project members and stakeholders
  • Collaborate with your team members and allow them to align their work and easily
  • Share critical information with each other
  • Manage your resources based on skills, geographical location, product knowledge and may other customizable characteristics.
  • Flexibly plan your projects without the need to know upfront which specialist will be doing the work
  • Empowers your projects with the strongest project management concepts available for project manages, like Critical Chain Project Management, Agile Scrum, Reliable Scrum and TameFlow, KanBan. All in one project.

LYNX TameFlow supports you and the leadership of the organization with the most powerful management dashboards, such as the Fever Chart and many other reports. It allows you to develop customized reports. And with many other must have functionalities for the Professional Project Manager.

Unlike many other Planning Software solutions, LYNX TameFlow helps you to integrates fully with your Agile Scrum or Kanban. It is very robust but is also simple to use. So if you’re wondering what software to use to manage your projects … you’re in the right place.

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