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Match the best project management success stories yourself

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YES! I want to match the best success stories myself!

The new benchmark for project management success

How far can we push the boundaries of project management?

I found quite a lot success stories of ordinary and less ordinary project organizations, that seem to answer this question pretty well. They tremendously improved every area of project management. Faster than what everybody believes is possible. Checkout their stories. It is just amazing.

If this is possible for so many organizations, in so many different industries, and any type of project, then why wouldn't it be possible to match these successes in your organization?

If so many other consultants know the secret, then why would it be impossible for you to learn that secret and match the best success stories yourself?

If you are curious to know how that works, then click the link "I want to match the best success stories myself!" and sign up for the coming Life Webinar for professionals in project management.

I want to match the best success stories myself!

Why not do just like them?


Successful problem solving requires finding the right solution to the right problem. We fail more often because we solve the wrong problem than because we get the wrong solution to the right problem.
(Russell L. Ackoff)

Every situation, no matter how complex it initially looks, is exceedingly simple.
(Eliyahu M. Goldratt)

You might be overwhelmed after watching these video's. It was difficult, a big investment and a major burden to achieve these amazing breakthrough results. Lucky for them, they succeeded, but implementation fail regularly.

I don't want to scare you away. But to raise the question whether there is an easier and more reliable way? That is easier to learn, easier to use to matches theses success stories yourself.

For years, I found encouragement in the quotes of Russell Ackoff and Eli Goldratt.

Now I can share with you, they were right!
Yes, there is an easier way!

What exactly do they do differently to create these amazing results?

After studying these success stories and turning them inside out, I revealed the secret the experts themselves overlooked. Not because it is too complex. But it is too simple. The difference is in fulfilling just 4 Basic Needs. The 4 Basic Needs must be fulfilled to complete projects successfully, else they run into problems. The problem in project organizations is that they go unfulfilled all the time.

These success stories proof that fulfilling these 4 Basic Needs and preventing they go unfulfilled again, is enough to instantly boost performance by dozens percent and to stay in control.

The question is, how to do this yourself?

I want to match the best success stories myself!

The 4 Basic Needs

Completing projects successfully needs resources, collaboration, clarity and adaptability . Else they will run into problems all the time.

The most critical resource is the time of people. Most problems can be traced back to someone who didn't have enough time. Projects need collaboration to align work, overcome obstacles and solve problems. Projects need clarity for which documented plans are needed, because they are too big and complex to go without. Projects need adaptability to absorb changes and deal with uncertainties to stay on track.

The 4 Basic Needs is a new foundation for Project Management. Project management is for big and complex works that people can't do alone, for which they must create plans to create and maintain clarity, in an environment with high levels of uncertainty that is changing all the time.


Empower Your Projects gives you the ToolsMethodologies, Guidelines, Insights and Backgrounds you need, without....

  • Studying difficult and complex strategies yourself
  • Persuading others to approve difficult strategies that are a burden to implement
  • Applying for hundreds of thousands of euros / dollars budget.
  • Migrating all projects to new planning software
  • IT department and security guys installing new applications
  • Recruiting more people
  • Drilling project managers to follow strict planning rules
  • Training programs for project managers for new planning tools
  • Changing the way people are supposed to do their work
  • Purchasing new software
  • Extensive preparation, workshops and cleanup actions
  • Disturbing people in their normal operations
  • Big bang implementations that disrupt the entire organization
  • Forcing people to waste their time on daily or weekly status updates or time reports

Empower Your Projects: EVERYTING YOU NEED to do it yourself

Master Class Empower Your Projects

Empower Your Projects starts with a masterclass crammed with new insights about how project organizations really work. Laying a new foundation for managing projects, covering The Pyramid of Success, 4 Basic Needs, 3 Core Processes, The Predator/Pray Mindset, Implementation Blueprint, The New Project Management Guide, Multi-Project scheduling, numerous hacks, and more.

Multi-Project scheduling and management tools

The tools Empower Your Projects makes use of, enable you to control project portfolio's of dozens up to hundreds of projects. It offers multi-project long term dynamic schedules for future projects, to enable you to make reliable commitments and forecasts. It provides a simple visual multi-project plan board to indicate available capacity for new projects, for progress updates and early signalling when projects go off track.

Report: Success Stories You Can Do Too

The Success Stories that helped to develop Empower Your Projects hold the secret of the best project management strategies. The diversity of organizations shows that every organization can significantly improve the performance of projects in every possible aspect of project management, regardless the industry or type of project organization.

Implementation Blueprint that nobody believes really exists

This ready to use Blueprint details the steps to match the best project management success stories and improve the performance of projects by dozens percent, faster than anyone else.

Report: Project Management Strategies Decoded

This report decodes commonly used project management strategies and the strategies behind the best project management success stories, and reveals what everyone need to know before starting implementing these strategies... What makes them successful? Why do they fail?

Implementation Challenge to match the best project management success stories yourself

The best way for learning is through practicing. I challenge you to implement Empower Your Projects in your organization.

The implementation challenge is to support you and to have a mentor to guide you through your first implementation of Empower Your Projects. And to help you to get on track again when you get stuck. With modern technologies, I'm never far away.

I want to match the best success stories myself!

Empower Your Projects: The best for projects In Every Industry

The published success stories are of different organizations and a wide variety of industries. Empower Your Project is based on the same principles that make these stories stand apart. Easier to learn, easier to use and without the burden and complexity.

Consumer Electronics Consumer Electronics
Construction Construction
Installation Installation
Off shore projects Off shore projects
Biotechnology Biotechnology
Energy Energy
Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical
Architecture and Design Architecture and Design
Marketing Marketing
Software Development Software Development
Digital Camera Product Development Digital Camera Product Development
Publishing Publishing
Satellite Design Satellite Design
Telecommunications Telecommunications
Wireless Technology Product Development Wireless Technology Product Development
Camera Product Development Camera Product Development
Ship Building Ship Building

Need to know More about what Empower Your Projects can do for you?

Doing projects involves the entire organization. Board of directors, senior management, marketing and sales, project managers, team managers, engineers, specialists, staff and supporting departments, ...

To help people to better do their work. To fulfill the basic needs to complete projects successfully and to prevent basic needs go unfulfilled all the time. Get an idea of what Empower You Projects might be worth for you...

I want to match the best success stories myself!

About the Free Life Webinar

From: Jan van Egmond

To: Professionals in project management

Subject: Invitation Free Life Webinar

Title: The secret of matching the best project management success stories

Hi Professional!
I like to invite you for a special and amazing Life Webinar.

At this professionals only life webinar you'll discover the secret of  the best project management successes stories by the best experts.

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You may even get new ideas to fast track your career!

In fact, here's just a sample of what you can expect at this professionals only event:

* Why you can't help it projects run into problems all the time...
* How to better complete projects successfully from now on and to stay out of problems ...
* How to exactly match the best success stories ...
* What proof exist that fulfilling the 4 Basic Needs really works ...
How to implement Empower Your Projects like an expert, faster than anybody else...
* What tools to use to reach this amazing breakthrough...
* How prevent resistance and objection of the entire organization coming down on you...

... and much, MUCH More!

Don't miss this life webinar. It will change the way you look at projects for ever...

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Jan van Egmond

PS: This life webinar is a temporary initiative. It might stop any moment now.
PPS: There is no-one else revealing so many secrets. You won't find it online, literature or other training programs. It is totally new.

I want to match the best success stories myself!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWill it work in my industry?

    The 4 Basic Needs apply to all projects in all industries. Success stories show that fulfilling these basic needs instantly boosts project performance in every area of project management. Project organizations stay in control when they successfully prevent the basic needs go unfulfilled all the time. Regardless the industry, type of project organization or large or small projects.

  • q-iconWhat tools are needed for Empower Your Projects?

    You can implement Empower Your Projects with the tools you already have and use. You know them already and know pretty well the ins and outs.

    You don’t need advanced tools to create breakthrough results.

  • q-iconHow to get all project managers on board...

    Empower Your Projects forces break through results, with the least amount of operational disturbance as possible. It is OK to involve project managers, but if they don’t want to change the way they manage their projects, it is also fine. They are fine.

  • q-iconWill you give any guarantees it will work for me?

    I can’t do that. You remain responsible whether you follow up on my advice or not, for your own actions and enjoy the results you get.

  • q-iconHow much time preparation is needed?

    You can immediately start implementing Empower Your Projects. It took me 2 – 3 weeks to implement it for a medium sized project organization having about 50 to 60 active projects.

  • q-iconWhat is the price of Empower Your Projects?

    The jam-packed Free Webinar is for free. If it answers your questions, it remains for free. I encountered several organizations that spent hundreds of thousands euro’s to millions, to improve project performance, to fail in the end. That is the price of not joining Empower Your Projects. But that is not what you need to invest. Let me tell you all about it during the webinar.

  • q-iconIf I've questions, then can I contact someone?

    Yes. When you subscribe to the free webinar you will receive my contact details.

  • q-iconIs my project data safe with Empower Your Projects Program?

    Yes. No project data will need to leave your organization, or will be stored on servers outside your own organization.

  • q-iconWill it work when project managers all use different planning tools

    Yes. Empower Your Projects is independent of the planning technique or tools used by the project manager. It even works for Agile Projects.

  • q-iconIs Empower Your Projects available in my country?

    Empower Your Projects is available online. Local presence is not needed. That will save both of us a lot of money and time.

  • q-iconDo I need to hire you as a consultant to implement Empower Your Projects

    No. Empower Your Projects is designed to do it all yourself. I’m here to explain how to do that and to support you when you have questions. With modern technologies, I’m never far away.

  • q-iconIs Empower Your Projects a "light" project management method?

    No. Empower Your Project is exactly what you need. Doing less than fulfilling the basic needs will cause you run into problems and might even fail your projects. Doing more than fulfilling these basic needs doen’t contribute to project success or preventing the know structural problems with projects (though you will probably lose focus).

    The 4 Basic Needs apply to all projects. There are no other basic needs that apply to all projects and should be included an a general purpose project management framework.

  • q-iconAre there better solutions?

    No. Otherwise I would have promoted it here.

    This is why: Empower Your Projects is based the best project management success stories, and the best strategies available in the world. I kept what proofed to fulfill the 4 basic needs and what works for preventing the 4 basic needs go unfulfilled. I removed everything that doesn’t contribute to these goals, what is obsolete or obviously wrong. I changed the order of steps when they were not following the hierarchy of the 4 basic needs. I added solutions that were missing and to replace malfunctioning solutions. To match these success stories, without the shortcomings.

  • q-iconShould we forget about PMI/IPMA/Prince2?

    No. It is not wrong to learn more about project management.

    Once you know everything about the 4 Basic Needs, traditional project management frameworks may give you tools that may help you to fulfill these needs. But don’t exaggerate the value of these frameworks. Most of the time it doesn’t make the difference for project success. After all project management is straight forward and common sense once you understand how project organizations work and what projects need.

  • q-iconWhat if our organization isn't open for anything new...

    The Empower Your Projects is new, but it doesn’t introduce new processes or new management concepts. Fulfilling the 4 Basic Needs feels natural and when you would explain it to others, they will probably tell they are doing it already.

    New is that Empower Your Project focuses on only fulfilling the 4 Basic Needs. Why bothering about the rest?

YES! I want to match the best success stories myself!