Resource management and portfolio management

The purpose of project pipelines is to plan projects efficiently across resources. It is both a resource management tool as well as a project portfolio tool.

Just like city centers during rush hour, most project organizations get completely jammed. Projects get stuck and have difficulty getting through.

High WIP

When the traffic is slowly picking up every morning, the first traffic jams start for the same traffic bottlenecks. From there they quickly spread across the rest of the city until every car and bus get stuck. Everything slows down and throughput drops dramatically.

To keep the city center accessible, city councils simply limit the number of cars. And this also works for project organizations. Reducing the Work In Progress (WIP) instantly boosts productivity. The trouble is to keep it low and prevent it starts piling up again.

Planning project pipelines is typically handled as a complex planning puzzle. You need to know all the ins and outs and tons of administrative overhead too keep everything up to date.

Factory production lines

This simple project pipeline app is based on how factories replenish production lines. All focus on keeping the bottlenecks. With a little magic and a simple project pipeline app, this doesn’t require project schedules, resource management, and administrative overhead.

4 simple steps

It works like this.

  1. Identifying the bottlenecks. During the Empower Your Projects boot camp you learn to do that with a simple spreadsheet.
  2. Create a list with projects for each bottleneck you’ve identified.
  3. Upload this list into the project pipeline app. No project schedules are needed or information about who is involved.
  4. Change the order of the projects the way you like and you’re ready to go.

This can be up and running in a few days or weeks. The pipeline app will create the roadmap. With a little tuning you get just the right amount of overlap between projects.

What the pipeline app does for your

The pipeline app takes care of the rate and timing for staring new projects, to keep the workload low and the bottlneck running.

It enables you to validate commitments already during the early sales stages so you don’t need to worry whether people will have time for it.

It shows when the pipeline starts to jam or get stuck, so you can do something about it before it causes problems.

And maybe most curious it autonomously updates and adjusts, so people working on tasks and project managers hardly have to report on progress updates.

How to get the project pipeline app?

The project pipeline app is part of the Empower Your Projects boot camp and membership program. It is also availble through BlueDolphin.

Boosting productivity 20-50%

Our cases show boosting productivity by 20-50%. That isn’t luck. It is the recipe I learned from studying the best project management success stories. Reduce the number of projects and prevent that the bottleneck jams or runs empty. 20-50% are not even high runners! During the boot camp program we help yuu to match these success stories yourself.

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