Start Boosting Project Performance Right Now!

Create overview and respond to change fast without running behind the facts. Get started with the Empower Your Projects Pipeline Manager right now! 

This pipeline manager helps project organizations to increase productivity by 20% to 50%, and collect in process kpi’s for in depth performance analyses.

Download the free project data spreadsheet here. Fill this out together with your team of project managers. Return this spreadsheet to to receive a free bottleneck analysis, initial project pipeline, portfolio plan board and portfolio dashboards.

Spreadsheet for bottleneck analyses and pipeline setup.

I like to invite you for an intake and to share insights based on the analyses of the Project Data Spreadsheet.

For the first three month of working with your project pipeline you will receive a weekly pipeline report, highlighting irregularities, receive recommendations, performance and productivity actuals and forecasts helping you to achieve amazing performance improvements.

Sample of a Project Roadmap that will become available for free for participants.
A sample of the portfolio planboard that will become available for participants.

Your investment will be less than an hour per week for updating a KANBAN style portfolio planboard.

To participate your organization is about 20 – 50 people with a pipeline of 20 to 100 projects.

Sample of the performance dashboard that will become available for participants.

You’ll discover how to create overview and quickly respond to change and avoid running behind the facts with the help of simple project pipelines and pipeline policies.