How to benefit from hyper-performance of Agile Teams AND project pipelines?

I’m happy to announce I’ve accepted the invitation from Wolfram Müller to join the BlueDolphin community!

This is why it you might benefit you!

Wolfram is the thought leader for the Agile project management community and the Theory of Constraints community. He is a great speaker giving hundreds of presentations and co-author of Hyper-Productive Knowledge Work Performance (The Tameflow Approach), The CIO’s Guide to BREAKTHROUGH Project Portfolio Performance, and Management 4.0: Handbook for Agile Practices. Now working closely with Wolfram makes it for you possible to also ask me anything about these subjects! His expertise is also in your network!

The combination Empower Your Projects and BlueDolphin is extremely powerful. Both apply similar hyper-performance techniques. Empower Your Projects is the specialist for boosting project pipeline throughput (project portfolios), and BlueDolphin is specialist in boosting Agile throughput. Agile and portfolios go hand in hand in practically all project organizations.

We both share the vision, that you must do it yourself, with your team to get in control and stay in control. That means self-organized teams and empowerment. Away from complex strategies and complicated tooling, to solutions that work better, that are easier to learn and easier to use.

Download the new Empower Your Projects folder from BlueDolphin!

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