In the army, they call that VUCA.  

Volatile. Uncertain. Complex. Ambiguous. Everything is changing all the time. Surprises everywhere. Badly organized. Confusion and misunderstanding. When you’re working with projects, you know what I’m talking about.

So, how, in a VUCA world, to make reliable commitments and stay in control? How to know the long-term outcome of your decisions and choices today?

project pipelines

Surprisingly, within this chaos, there are predictable structures and patterns. One of these patterns in project organizations is the project pipeline. They are the conveyor belts of project organizations.

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and complex planning software can’t prevent pipelines run out of control and get messed up…VUCA world. It is basically a mess. This is the number one problem of project organizations.

Simple Conveory Belt Algorithems

But managing conveyor belts is very simple. Algorithms are simple, effective, and invented many decades ago. And even works for project pipelines! No Big Data. No Artificial Intelligence. No detailed project schedules and resource management anymore. Yet, making your teams more efficient and boosting productivity.

No VUCA anymore with Pipelines

No VUCA world for project pipelines. Because project pipelines can remain stable for years. Fluctuations and changes settle over time. Pipelines only need 2-4 high-level ballpark parameters per project. Crystal clear visualizations are powerful tools for managing expectations and clearing confusion. Enabling you to make reliable commitments to clients. Allocate resources most efficiently across all projects. Find the perfect timing for starting new projects. See when projects are at risk a long time before project managers can tell and you still can do something about it. It is the secret recipe for boosting your projects.

Fix VUCA before next Friday!

You can literally say goodbye to unpredictable chaos next Friday. Setting up the project pipeline app takes roughly 10-30 minutes of effort per project in total. And you can immediately start working with it. Do It Yourself with our help. Check out the Boot Camp.

And also, the experts of Blue Dolphin can help you.

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