How to make your PMO a rewarding contribution?

PMOs are full of thankless work without lots of appreciation. Spending days of data gathering and producing reports, frustrations for everybody of the yoke of regulations and administrative overhead, and the impossible job to create order in the chaos when everything is changing and people are bypassing your advice and processes. Isn’t this what the day-to-day work for a PMO actually is?

I show you what a day in a PMO could also look like. Inspiring and rewarding!

Clarity for your management team

Instead of collecting data from everywhere, start the day with a quick glance on your mobile to inspect the pipeline dashboard. To check the loading of the pipeline and most critical resources. Instantly being ready to inform the management team about the most urgent issues and how to prevent the pipeline will jam and get stuck because resources are overloaded or what to do when low replenishment causes the pipeline to runs empty.

Project Pipeline App

Mitigating real risks with project managers

Next, instead of depending on the polished and misleading reports, just scroll down to see if there are projects at risk long before project managers can tell. Schedule a quick all and collaborate with them to prevent problems when they still can do something about it.

Project Pipeline App

Crystal clear overview for teams

Instead of being accused of setting confusing and conflicting priorities, use the visual project plan board from your app that each team can use to determine their priorities that result in the highest throughput and smoothest collaboration.

Project Pipeline App - Plan board

Strategic overview with stakeholders

Instead of being backed into a corner by stakeholders who demand commitments and clarity you can’t give, use the project roadmap to give reliable commitments, and assess alternatives, even when productivity fluctuates and high levels of uncertainty.

Reliable commitments for clients

Project Pipeline App - Road Map

Instead of arguing with sales about commitments and being surprised by what they have promised, simply feed their proposals into the app to provide them a realistic completion date, even when they can’t provide detailed schedules and have nothing more than just a few high-level ballpark figures.

Empower people

Instead of enforcing rigid project management discipline and administrative overhead to satisfy your system, empower teams and project managers to become more efficient and better complete projects, without any of them having to change anything. This pipeline app doesn’t even need task progress updates to keep the pipeline updated and synchronized.

Rewarding collaboration

The difference is with just quickly checking a simple project pipeline app, you create clarity for everybody, without putting the burden on their shoulder or causing administrative overhead. Isn’t it much more rewarding to collaborate with others than getting caught up in spreadsheets all the time?

Do it yourself

Creating this future, takes a few days or weeks, without calling staff meetings. Join the Empower Your Project Boot Camp. We help you to do this yourself.

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