Project Pipelines are the conveyor belts for project organizations. They are the key for successful projects. They move projects through the organization. From the early sales stages via project initiation and project execution to closure.

Conveyor belts for projects

The timeline between the beginning and the end of the pipeline is typically many months to several years. The impact of decisions today, might not be visible before next year. Problems you experience today might have been caused by decisions years ago.

Pipeline Replenishment

Pipelines are important because they must be replenished properly. Replenishment is about keeping the pipeline running efficiently. This comes down to when to start new projects. And when not to start new projects. Too fast will jam the pipeline. Projects get stuck and drop off. Too slow will starve the pipeline. And everybody will run out of work. Most efficient just in between where the throughput is the best. The Empower Your Projects pipeline app is designed for it.

Increased productivity guaranteed

Efficient replenishment is the guaranteed recipe for increasing productivity. Success stories show typically 20%-50% improvement.

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