Training: How to get in control?

A training for project professionals who need better ways to get in control, that are easier to learn and easier to use.

May 21, 09:00 – 17:00, AMERSFOORTSESTRAATWEG 111, 1251 AV LAREN, The Netherlands

How to get in control? How to stay in control?

When you are an experienced project manager, or responsible for the projects in your organization, you know how difficult this is. When you are a starting project manager, you will soon learn, how hard it is to stay in control.

  • Why?
  • Is there anything you can do about it?
  • And if there is something you can do, then what is it?

There are consultants who know how boost the performance of their client’s projects with dozens of percent’s in a wide variety of industries across the world. They can boast of incredible success stories.

If they can to it, you can do it.

How project organizations really work?

In this training you learn how project organizations really work.

Different than you think. Simpler than you can imagine.

How to setup project pipelines?

You learn that project pipelines control the flow of work through the bottlenecks in project organizations. Pipelines are the secret of the most successful project management strategies. Building project pipelines is considered as one of the most difficult planning jobs. Up to now. You learn how to recognize the bottlenecks and setup and manage project pipelines.

Bring your own lab top for this part of the training, because you are going to setup your own project pipe line. The tool we use if free for you.

Understanding and managing projects pipelines is essential for

  • project portfolio managers
  • project directors and business owners
  • PMO-officers
  • senior project managers, consultants and trusted advisers.

The new project management guideline

You learn a new and simple project management guideline, designed for successful project completion. Many project managers find traditional frameworks too difficult to learn and too difficult to use. That isn’t a surprise. These are not designed to help the project manager to complete projects. They are designed for certification purposes and assessing project managers. This new guideline designed to fulfill the 4 basic needs for successful project completion.

This new project management guideline is for

  • starting project managers who didn’t got the change yet to get certified
  • experienced project manager who lost control and tried everything already and discovered that nothing seems to work
  • project managers who take over from an other project manager during project execution
  • trainers of project managers and consultants

With their brain in mind

You learn how to organize projects to help people to perform better. This part of the training is about the human brain. Neurology seems off-topic for project managers, but projects depend on the thinking and understanding of many people. Projects typically cause confusion, conflicts and stress. When people are stressed, they have more difficulty to think clearly and rationally. You learn to recognize circumstances that undermine rational thinking an what to do to support rational thinking.

With their brain in mind, is essential for everybody involved in projects.

Blueprint for the best project management strategy

You learn the secret of the best project management strategies. Step by step you will be introduced in the blueprint for implementation. This new strategy has been designed to match the best success stories, though with less burden for the organization and quicker to reach a break through.

This blueprint for the best project management strategy is essential for

  • project portfolio managers
  • project directors and business owners
  • PMO-officers
  • senior project managers, consultants and trusted advisers.


Participants of this training receive the concept / manuscript of the book Empower Your Projects that is expected to be released during summer 2019.

The training will be including unlimited use of freshly ground Bacchi coffee and tea,unlimited chilled and filtered sparkling and flat water as fresh sweet bites. During the break, a delicious vegetarian lunch will be served consisting of various sandwiches, one side salad and a soup.

One-time Try-out for small group

Please note that this is a discounted and one time only event to develop the Empower Your Projects training program. It is open for a small group of participants. Evaluation for the program and materials will be part of the program.

The price per seat is €149.50, excluding BTW.