Evaluate LYNX TameFlow with your own projects, as long as you like for a reduced subscription fee per month. Try and use all features. Like Project Planning, Progress Monitoring, Critical Chain Project Management, Agile integration, Workpackages, Resource Leveling, PipeLine Management, Project Staggering.

This subscription is ideal for:

  • Project Managers, who are eager to learn about project management and best practices everybody is talking about, like Critical Chain and Buffer Management, TameFlow, Agile and more.
  • Self-employed Project Managers who don’t want to depend on their clients to provide the right tools to be successful.
  • Business Consultants and Quality Managers who are responsible for improving the project organization, and want to be in charge themselves, without interference and meddling by external consultants.
  • Project Portfolio Managers who are responsible for smooth execution of the entire project portfolio.

Maintain all your project data when you upgrade your subscription when you want to invite others to your LYNX Space. Because collaboration makes the difference.

As an evaluating member you are encouraged to join the Q&A Webinars and participate in the Empower Your Projects Community. You learn most from helping others.

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