Mini Course Project Pipelines Decoded

How to use project pipelines to make your team more efficient and boost productivity by 20-50% or more?

Without struggling on your own or hiring expensive consultants!

When you are a business owner doing many projects, or the responsible manager for projects in your organization,  and have tried everything already, but nothing seems to work, and in stead you're still running behind the facts and projects run into problems all the time, then I'm going to show how to get in control again and boost output by 20% to 50% or even more!

Free Mini Course Project Pipelines Decoded

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This is what you're going to learn:

  • What is a Project Pipeline? How do they work?
  • How do I find the Pipelines in my own organization?
  • How do I set up a Project Pipeline?
  • How can I easily see what projects are at risk?
  • How can I see what projects are coming up and we need to prepare for?
  • How can I see when the Pipeline gets overloaded? Or when it runs empty?
  • How can I check our commitments, before the contract has been signed (and schedules become available)
  • How can I give reliable forecasts when our estimates are unreliable?
  • How can I maintain overview when project schedules are of low quality?
  • How to control the workload and prevent people get overwhelmed?
  • How to get reliable forecasts when estimates are underestimated and when are our capacity gets overestimate?
  • How to reschedule everything when projects delay?
  • How to manage multiple Project Pipelines that share resources?
  • How to use a simple excel spreadsheet to analyze our current Project Pipelines?
  • How to align the Project Pipeline with the available capacity?
  • Is there a simple Project Pipeline Manager I can setup myself?
  • Where can I find a Pipeline Manager that supports our way of working?
  • Where can I find a Pipeline Manager that doesn’t require to change how project managers plan their projects?
  • Is there a Pipeline Manager that works with our planning software?