Shouldn’t they do something to make projects management simple again?

Haven’t they made it all far too difficult and confusing?
If you think so, then you might be interested in this.

I’m studying project organizations for 6 years now. Their struggles and success stories. Their improvement strategies and task forces to better complete projects and why most die a silent death. January 17th I share the findings during a special webinar.

Over 94% (!) of the problems with projects can be traced back to just a few (4) unfulfilled basic needs. So, if you could change just one thing, then forget about all those project management processes and start fulfilling those basic needs.

For project organizations, the biggest obstacle is that projects get stuck in a major project jam. There aren’t hardly any simple and effective solutions available.

It is time to make project management simple again!

January 17th I share the key insights and findings of my quest during a 90 minutes free webinar. I cover:

  • How fulfilling basic needs for projects makes project management simpler and better helps to complete projects successfully.
  • How to line up your projects for the most important crossings in your organization, so they are not on collision course anymore.

Make project management simple again!

There are 2 options. Check what best fits in your agenda. I share secrets about projects and project organizations nobody ever told you before. It’s for free.

I like you to be part of it.