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Orienting, gathering data, analyzing, workshops, interviews, evaluating strategies, planning. When it takes too long it will make your clients impatient. Clients get impatient quickly. Talk is cheap and doesn’t solve any of their problems. So, how to quickly go through this necessary introduction and quickly earn their trust?

I guess your client hired you because they lost overview, they are running behind the facts and tried everything already but nobody seems to work. They don’t know how to get in control again and need your help with this.

Overwhelming first impression

This is how I create an overwhelming first impression in a few days or a week. It is straightforward and you can learn to do this too.

10-30 minutes data gathering

I start creating a simple excel overview of all projects. I ask executive support to enforce project managers provide some basic information about their projects within one or two days. I need some high level figures like the project duration and how much time people are allocated. This takes project managers only 10-30 minutes. And ball park numbers will do.

30-Minute Bottleneck Analysis

Then I use a simple excel spreadsheet for understand where their bottleneck are. And to analyze the project pipelines. The gathered data from the project managers is sufficient for some amazing new insights for your clients. I do this analysis in half an hour.

First eye-opener for your client

The outcome of the bottleneck analysis will be an eye-opener for your client. This is for me the time to validate the outcomes, spot bottlenecks with multiple resources, and get an impression of the nature of the different pipelines. Often, already during this first presentation, clients start to rearrange people and projects, because they suddenly understand why projects are stuck.

30-Minute Project Pipeline App

The next step is to import this data into a simple project pipeline app. This step takes 30-minutes. The app performs additional analyses, like pipeline value, throughput, pipeline capacity, horizon, etc. The app provides a project roadmap, plan-board, and several other powerful views and dashboards. This is the first time clients oversee their roadmap.

60-Minute Expectation Setting

When they see the plan-board and roadmap it is the first time they oversee their project pipeline. How projects move through the pipeline. Where projects jam and where the pipeline runs empty. What completion dates they can expect. They will see projects at risk project managers didn’t all about. They discover they may not have the capacity to deliver what they have promised to clients and stakeholders. They rearrange, reorder, and reorganize, initiating their first improvements and set new expectations for clients and stakeholders. In about 60 minutes.

Great Kick Starter

You can do much more with this project pipeline app. But this is an amazing kick-starter for just your first week. Giving your clients an overwhelming impression, and getting credits and trust from them. Is this what you like?

Boot Camp

You can learn this too. With the Boot camp program, you learn everything for an amazing first impression. Your first client is for free.

Or ask the experts from BlueDolphin.

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