How to pipeline your projects to make teams more efficient to boost output?

There are so many appealing strategies and solutions to help organizations and people to become more successful, so why doing Pipelines?

Maybe you know or don’t know, pipelines are part of every project organization. You get them for free.

Why are pipelines a big deal?

The answer is simple. Pipelines stuck, jam and run empty, wasting resources, capacity, time, effort, money. Pipelines running out of control is a major source for confusion, conflicts and chaos. Pipelines are a big deal.
But pipelines are also the secret of the absolute best project management success stories that boosted output by 20% to 50% and more.

What are pipelines?

Projects don’t fly randomly through organizations. They line up. Or pile-up. When you recognize how projects steam through organizations it is easy to see that steady and stable stream is so much better than when it jams, get stuck, or runs empty. Then people are constantly starting and stopping and firefighting in stead of getting some real work done.

How to pipeline?

Now, how to pipeline your projects to make teams more efficient and to boost output? 4 Steps.

Step 1: Before making any comment to clients about new projects, check the pipeline.
Step 2: Refill the pipeline quickly enough to keep the pipeline running, but not too fast. It will cause the pipeline to jam.
Step 3: Speed up slow projects before the pipeline runs empty.
Step 4: Hold back projects when they jam the pipeline.
This is the secret of many of the best project management success stories.

Let’s do the check

Do you have visibility your pipeline in your organization? Do you check the pipeline to check feasibility of your commitments? Do you an alert from your pipeline when it is the right moment to start new projects? How do you know whether projects are moving fast enough? Do you get alarms when the pipeline jams?
Is easier said than done. Even for senior experts. They make it huge effort. They say advanced planning software and lots of training, workshops and coaching. Big investment and a huge burden. Why? Well, it is their living… Fill in the dots yourself…

Project Pipelines Decoded

In the e-book Project Pipelines Decoded, I describe a different reality.
But the truth is, a pipeline manager can be setup real quick, without workshops. Without new planning techniques for project managers. Without new planning software. Without the need to change how people do their work. Can be up and running in one or two weeks.
Project Pipelines Decoded describes how to use project pipelines to make your team more efficient and boost productivity by 20-50%.
Go to and get your free digital copy.
I’m jan van Egmond, project management hacker. Because there are better ways, that are easier to to learn and easier to use. Thanks for watching.