Enablers for Startups and Improving Sales

They have never been in my shoes

The truth is, I lost years since I became an entrepreneur in 2013, just because I didn’t know what to do. I believed in the success stories of marketing gurus. But it didn’t bring me success. It didn’t protect me from running into trouble. And it certainly didn’t help me get out of it.

…Now, if you can relate to my story, then pay attention. You’re not alone anymore. I know how it feels being on your own and muddling through, not knowing what to do next and who to believe. And I may have just what you need right now!

Enablers for your succes

Enablers for Startups and Improving Sales is maybe what you need right now. A structured approach that lets you work it out for yourself. Because your situation is unique. Nobody can tell you what you need. But if someone will ask you the right questions, you will be able to tell yourself what you need to make it possible.

Project Management + Systems Thinking + Theory of Constraints

My field of expertise is project management, systems thinking, and the theory of constraints. I’m an expert, project management hacker, and innovative contributor to these fields, developing solutions that are easier to use, easier to learn and easier to use.

A startup is just a project. Your business is just a system. Improving sales is just about improving your constraints. Enablers is just what makes it possible. This workbook is just what you need.

Don’t worry when you’re not an expert in these fields. The innovation is that it is simple, straightforward, and something you can do yourself (and works better).


Enablers for Startups and Improving sales looks and feels like a self-help workbook. With the fundamentals about startups and sales, and a lot of questions to see where you are right now and to determine what you need to do next. If you read it out loud, it’s just like I’m asking you these questions.

Download a viewing copy to get started already, with the important chapters to get started.

Enablers Hackathon for Entrepreneurs

The 3rd quarter of 2021 will have an Entrepreneurs Enablers Hackathon. This means you’re not alone anymore. The Hackathon enables you to hack your own business and create your own enablers, together with like-minded fellow entrepreneurs and also benefit from their insights. The answer is in the room.

And I will keep you posted on the Enablers Hackathon for Entrepreneurs!