Empower Your  Projects
The Book

Language: English

Size: Estimate 40,000 – 50,000 words / 200 – 250 pages.

Print: Black/White

Graphics: Black/White

Release: Spring/summer 2019

Purpose: The purpose is to share groundbreaking insights and contribute to the project management knowledgebase about how project organizations really work and offer new solutions and strategies for structural problems that seem impossible to breakthrough, but organizations around the world proof differently repeatedly.

This book is written for project management profs, who want to match the best success stories, but don't know how.

This is what the first readers of the book say:

Book Content

The book Empower Your Projects starts with my personal story of the journey of project management hacker.

Chapter 1: Universal Laws of how to complete projects successfully

This chapter introduces the Pyramid of Success. This is the blueprint for all project organizations. It is a simple but very powerful tool to design effective strategies for project organizations and to assess existing strategies. The high-level strategy defined in this first chapter is the road map for the core of Empower Your Projects.

Chapter 2: Core strategies to fix the flaws

This chapter presents three new strategies to overcome challenges every project organization is struggling with. The 3 core strategies presented in this chapter apply to organization level, project level and task execution.

Chapter 3: Add-on strategies to push the boundaries

After implementing the cores strategies, and fixing typical flaws within project organizations, organizations enter a new situation of operations and control. This chapter describes new strategies to push the boundaries further through dealing with disrupting characteristics of project organizations.

Chapter 4: Ultimate strategy to harvest strength and commercial success

Fixing the flaws and pushing the boundaries will tremendously improve the performance and reliability of projects towards clients. This new world class performance represents massive economic value in markets driven by ever shorter time to market and risk avoidance. This chapter describe how to exploit this new strength.

Chapter 5: Strengths and Weaknesses of popular strategies

Successful strategies follow the blueprint of the Pyramid of Success while failing strategies follow the flip side Pyramid of failures. This chapter assesses popular strategies to determine their suitability for creating breakthrough performance. It reveals why some strategies fail and other are successful.

This e-Book reveals the secret how every project manager can better complete projects

Janvan Egmond
Empower Your Projects

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