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to make teams more efficient
and to boost productivity.

The secret of turning  projects into profit.

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What is the Empower Your Projects Pipeline Bootcamp?


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]The Empower Your Projects Project Pipeline Bootcamp is the most reliable and dependable online program to help you to make teams more efficient and to boost the productivity of your organization and projects. Through this Bootcamp program, you’ll learn the ins and outs of project pipelines, how to set them up to manage them, by just doing it and going through the process.[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]This Project Pipeline Bootcamp is a co-production of Empower Your Projects and BlueDolphin[/text_block]

What are Project Pipelines?

They are something magical. The backbone of every project organization. How projects line up from sales to completion. The secret for staying out of problems, creating a crystal clear overview, for communication with stakeholders, for making commitments to clients, for portfolio management, for resource management, and more.

But nobody is talking about pipelines. And that is going to change.

The Goal of the Bootcamp

The goal is to help you to set up your project pipeline and start managing it and to enjoy the benefits. You learn the ins and outs, we support you during the setup and coach you when you start managing your own project pipeline. You’ll use your own organization as the study case. We believe that your own situation is the best training material to learn from. And it enables you to already enjoy the benefits of pipelines during the bootcamp.

Project Pipeline App

You’ll be using our Project Pipeline App. It brings your organization in the palm of your hand. Now you can match the best project management success stories yourself.

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No worries

Maybe you are concerned about whether can do it just like that.

The truth is, the Empower Your Projects Pipeline Bootcamp is the only program in the world that enables you to do it yourself, faster than anyone else. Nobody else has to change how they do their work or plan their projects. Our goal is to get you up and running! Even if you have tried everything already and nothing seems to work…

During four, 2-hour online workouts we guide you step by step through the process while you are doing the work.[/text_block]

  • During the first workout, you learn how to prepare and how to perform the project pipeline and bottleneck analysis. This is also your homework for the next workshop for setting up and tuning the project pipeline app.
  • The second workout is about setting up and tuning the project pipeline and understanding project pipelines. This already may lead to insights for instantly making teams more efficient and improving throughput.
  • The third workout is about managing your project pipeline and project pipeline app hands-on. You learn also from cases from other participants and dive into your specific situation. You may already see improvements before the bootcamp finishes.
  • The forth workout is for the pros. About hot to utilize overcapacity, managing multiple project pipelines and about pushing the boundaries without the need to push your people!

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Benefits without burden

Project pipelines are typically the domain of project portfolio management, resource management, or Critical Chain Project Management. They are related to the sales funnel, product lines, and business development.

When you follow the traditional mainstream approach then you probably have to anticipate years for implementation. A major burden, and lots of administrative overhead to embed it in your organization. Figures circulate from $200,000 up to more than $1,000,000 for the of costs hiring consultants and trainers.

This bootcamp program enables you to deliver of the promise, without the hiring consultants and trainers and without the burden and administrative overhead and without investing tons of money. [/text_block]

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1st Workout

Project Organizations Decoded

How To Create Crystal Clear Overview and Efficiently Plan Projects Across Resources… Without Conflicts And Uphill Battles With Everybody?

On this 1st boot camp workout we’ll cover how to project pipelines improve project organizations in STEALTH MODE.

You can use these techniques to make teams more efficient and improve productivity, efficiently plan projects across resources, and even create crystal clear overview!

You learna simple spreadsheet that shows exactly the bottlenecks that slow down the projects most!

In fact, here’s just a sample of what we’ll cover on this incredible 1st boot camp workout event:[/text_block]

  • How project pipelines improve the flow in project organizations
  • Make teams more efficient and boost productivity by only increasing flow
  • How to perfrom a bottleneck analyzis
  • Solve the main causes for delays and budget overruns with projects
  • The main external disablers that cause projects, teams and people across the world running into problems
  • What is the missing enabler for project organization and why they lose control
  • How this enabler will remove the disruptive disablers, and will boost productivity instantly
  • How does managing project pipelines with worlds easiest project pipeline app look like
  • Match these best project management success stories 20 x faster
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]… and much, MUCH More!

Don’t miss this breakthrough 1st bootcamp workout that will finally show you how to do a bottleneck analysis of your own organization and gets starting improving producitivity.[/text_block]

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2nd Workout:

Setup Project Pipelines

The Secrets Of How To Make Teams More Efficient And Boost Productivity and Create A Crystal Clear Overview And Get In Control Again.

On this 2nd project pipeline workout we’ll cover how to setup your project pipeline.

You can use these techniques to setup project pipelines, create a crystal clear overview and get in control again, and even for scaling Agile!

You even learn the lowhanging fruit and what you can do directly to make teams more efficient!

Here’s what we’ll cover on this incredible 2nd project pipeline workout event:[/text_block]

  • Participant cases of Bottleneck Analysis.
  • What are Project Pipelines and how you can exploit them so you can boost productivity over 20%, without changing how everybody do their work.
  • How to see the project pipelines in your own organization and how to create maximum flow.
  • How to recognize where projects jam and when the project pipeline runs empty so you can instantly take effective measures before they get problematic.
  • How to use the project pipeline mobile app of Empower Your Projects with your team which lets you help your teams to get crystal clear overview they need as well.
  • How to check when your team will be able to deliver new projects, even during the early sales process or when no detailed plans are available, so you can prevent making unrealistic commitments.
  • How to keep the project pipeline synchronized productivity is fluctuation, or estimates are unreliable, without massive administrative overhead.
  • How to keep the project pipeline synchronized productivity is fluctuation, or estimates are unreliable, without massive administrative overhead.
  • How to have reliable overview you can depend on, when there are high levels of uncertainty.
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]… and much, MUCH More!

Don’t miss this breakthrough 2nd project pipeline workout that will finally show you get a crystal clear picture of the status and forecast of your project pipeline.[/text_block]

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3rd Workout:

The Daily Pipeline Routine

Discover How To How To Operate The Project Pipeline and Know The Actual State Of Your Projects … Without Running Behind The Facts

On this 3rd project pipeline workout we’ll cover the daily routine of managing project pipelines.

You can use this to operate the project pipeline, know the actual state of your project pipeline, and even which projects are at risk !

You’ll  even discover why nobody has to do anything different for this!

Here’s what we’ll cover on this incredible 3rd project pipeline workout event:[/text_block]

  • See disruption and distrurbance of the flow within your pipeline
  • The actions to get the pipeline running again
  • Which projects are causing the project pipeline to stuck
  • Actions to remove obstructions from the project pipeline
  • Which project to launch or speed up
  • Strategies to prevent the project pipeline will run empty
  • How to know what has the highest priority
  • What will give the best results
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]… and much, MUCH More!

Don’t miss this breakthrough 3rd project pipeline workout that will finally show you how to efficiently schedule projects across the organization.[/text_block]

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4th Workout:

The Secrets Of How To Master Project Pipelines Like A Pro and beyond!

Discover How To Know How To Best Utilize Overcapacity And Other Low Haning Fruits To Boost Productivity Without Falling Back Into Old Problems

On this 4th project pipeline workout we’ll cover how to how to master project pipelines as a pro and beyond.

You can use these techniques to best utilize overcapacity, fine more easy improvements and low hanging fruits!

You’ll learn how to push the boundaries of your organization even more, without putting your team under more pressure.

Here’s what we’ll cover on this incredible 4th project pipeline workout event:[/text_block]

  • How to manage multiple project pipelines in parallel
  • How to utilize unused overcapacity
  • How to increase throughput without increasing the pressure
  • Start utilizing over capacity even more
  • The secret of profitabele with projects
  • How to increase profitability of your organization without changing your organization
  • Discover other improvements that will give you the best results
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]… and much, MUCH More!

Don’t miss this breakthrough 4th workout that will finally show you how every project organization can boost productivity by 20% to 50% fast.[/text_block]

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This is what participants say about the project pipeline bootcamp

Significant Project Portfolio management gains can be made, both in simple on-going Pipeline Scheduling and in increased Project Throughput by utilizing EYP’s process.

Mike Stephens (US)

If you would like to get insights about PM from a different angle (not the regular PM-methods) enjoy the Bootcamp.

Dennis Valkenburg (Netherlands)

The bootcamp enabled me to understand the importance of ensuring that our bottleneck resources are being optimally utilised. It then helped me set up the tool that I could use to achieve this, the pipeline app. I was immediately able to use the tool to have scheduling discussions with my management and the rest of the team.

Craig Meldrun, (Australia)

The staff can clearly see the pipeline – so visibility of the issues is clear to everyone, and they are committed to this approach. We saw a 30% increase in throughput over the first three months which is fantastic.

Prefered to stay anonymus (UK)

Not having received formal training in CCPM, I learned that focusing on resource capacity instead of project scheduling (e.g., task management, critical path) can achieve the desired performance outcomes of any business. I also learned that CPM and CCPM, while accepted in my industry as “the ways” to manage projects, are difficult to implement with any consistency and have both failed miserably in their ability to achieve the desired outcomes of their users. Their failures are due to many impediments. It is my belief that Jan van Egmond’s Empower Your Projects approach, along with the Project Pipeline App, has the potential of overcoming many of the impediments that plague traditional project management and CCPM managed projects.

Prefered to stay anonymus (US)

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1st Bootcamp Bonus

2 months  Empower Your Projects Project Pipeline App license

The Empower Your Projects Project Pipeline App is the essential tool for boosting your project organization and for making teams more efficient. This bonus enables you to experience the power of the Empower Your Projects Pipeline Manager and Empower Your Projects Mobile App in your own organization for a two full months without additional costs.

2nd Bootcamp Bonus

Workout slides and Replays

The workout slides and replay  enable you to enjoy the workouts as often as you want, at any moment you like.

3rd Bootcamp Bonus

Theory of Constraints for Project Organizations 103 minute Video

Empower Your Projects is the new Project Management application of Theory of Constraints. Over the past 24 years Theory of Constraints has resulted in hundreds of success stories of project organizations that  boosted productivity by 20% – 50%. Using Critical Chain Project Management to implement Theory of Constraints is tough, unreliable, fails often and organizations fall back into old habits.

Empower Your Projects is a successful redesign of Theory of Constraints for projects, that started all over again, from scratch. Conserving the strengths of Critical Chain Project Management, and using the same concepts and based on the same principles of Theory of Constraints, without the shortcomings and difficulties. And it can be implemented 20 x faster.

4th Bootcamp Bonus

Scaling Agile Online Educational

Scaling Agile is hot. But it is also difficult. Many organizations struggle with it. It is overly complicated and burdensome to keep up with. SAFe goes against the basic ideas of the Scrum process which stresses clarity and organization in project management. It requires a web of confusion in tracking and documenting. Not good.

Project Pipelines enable you to sale Agile without the burden and administrative overhead and other disadvantages of SAFe. In this bonus educational you learn how.
This education will be a life zoom or teams session or a replay of an earlier recording.[/text_block]

Check the dates and enroll


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A Theory of Constraints application for projects


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Empower Your Projects is an application of Theory of Constraints for projects and project organizations. This is important, but not something for you to be scared of.

Empower Your Projects benefits from almost 25 years of success stories of boosting productivity by 20% – 50% in every industry.

Empower Your Projects has rediscovered the phenomenon that systems can be controlled without knowing the details of what is inside while ignoring external influences. This new insight is used to reinvent Theory of Constraints for projects from scratch, and resulted in implementations 20 times faster without compromising the strength of Theory of Constraints. It works better, is easier to learn and easier to use.[/text_block]


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Empower Your Projects is designed for organizations that do projects as core business on an ongoing basis, to deliver reliable and extra ordinary results for a wide variety of projects, industries and project organizations using simple and proven strategies and measures.

The efficacy of Empower Your Projects can be limited by known or unknown factors and disablers or other not mentioned missing enablers, market circumstances, maladministration, non-compliance, crisis, pandemic, war, fraud, sabotage, company strategy, company policies, company culture, leadership style and competency etc.

Empower Your Projects and Jan van Egmond make no guarantee or warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of completeness of any information or programs published or offered, and disclaims and makes no warranty that the information or programs will fulfill any of your particular purposes or needs, and you may not make your money back.[/text_block]