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What are Project Pipelines?

Project Pipelines is a technique to manage and channel the value streams of project organizations from the moment that projects enter the sales funnel, up to completion. 

The best project management success stories are the result of increasing flow in project pipelines.

Boost throughput by 20-50%

Reliable and predictable projects

Regain Control

Why are Project pipelines important?

Value streams jam and get stuck all the time. It is like stop making money when that happens. And it happens all the time. This is the number one avoidable root cause of delays, budget overruns, failing projects and basically every other problem with projects you can think of. 

Project Pipelines is the technique to create continuous uninterrupted value streams with high throughput. Almost like a money making machine. Pipe lines can help increase throughput by 20-50%. That is worth a lot of money! And it will make projects much more reliable and predictable!

Take back control!

How it works...

The strategy for managing project pipelines is simple. Critical is exactly when new projects get initiated. This is replenishment of the project pipelines. It is critical to timely and effectively respond to disruption of the flow and finally to remove common causes.

Replenish pipelines Just In Time to for a continuous uninterrupted flow .

Resolve disturbances and disruptions when you still can do something about it.

Remove the common cause of disturbances and disruptions so they won't cause problems in the future anymore.

Project Pipeline Bootcamp

The Empower Your Projects Bootcamp is for independent consultants entrepreneurs that want to strengthen their services or start up a new business using one of the most promising new project management breakthrough strategies today. 

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What participants say about the bootcamp

This is Theory of Constraints applied to projects.

This makes managing a project portfolio much easier.

Very practical approach.

Cool stuff - very simple and practical way to get CCPM up and running 😉

It's given me exposure to a nice community.

A great opportunity you should not miss! 

It's possible to get overview and structure in a project portfolio within days.

My decision to join BlueDolphin was reconfirmed.

There is a system and a logic, but it's not rocket science even if you try to make it so 🙂

Try it

Do it and thank me later ;-). 

You will surprised how easy planning and execution of projects gets, once you understand the role of the bottleneck.

If you are striving with efforts to improve your company, take a look at this. It will be quick to understand and possibly might offer you a way forward.

Book the bootcamp ... it is eyopening ... 

Simplicity is a success factor; the workshop will show how, for planners, simplicity leads to improved performance.

Empower Your Projects

Matching the best project management success stories has become exceedingly simple.  

Empower Your Projects is about a new understanding of how project organizations work.

Jan van Egmond

Creator of Empower Your Projects

Date, Time, Registration - 600 €, ex VAT 

Mar 2, 9, 16, 23 (Business Bootcamp) - Apr 6,13,20, 27 (Pipeline Bootcamp)  09:00 - 11:00 (UTC+1, Germany - Berlin) Your timezone

Mar 2, 9, 16, 23 (Business Bootcamp) - Apr 6,13,20, 27 (Pipeline Bootcamp)  20:00 - 22:00 (UTC+1, Germany - Berlin) Your timezone

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Get started with the Empower Your Projects Bootcamp .

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