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The Best Way: Make Your Plans in LYNX TameFlow

  • To have the people to get all the work done.
  • To manage their workload. So they have the time to complete their tasks.
  • To align their work. So they can collaborate to address all challenges of your project.
  • To constantly adjust to the ever changing reality.

Project Planning

Your LYNX journey starts with creating solid plans, to better complete your projects successfully. LYNX gives you everything you  need to create your planning. Enter your Work Breakdown Structure. Create tasks and dependencies. Enter your estimates. Inspect visually the Gantt chart. Set deadlines, milestones, and constraints on your projects and tasks.

LYNX imports and exports Microsoft Projects plans and resource schedules maintained in Excel.

Multi-disciplinary projects

Multi-disciplinary projects, and autonomous teams, require flexibility. LYNX offers a multitude of different types of tasks that integrate seamlessly. "Normal" tasks. Work Packages. Agile/Scrum sprints. User stories. Outsourced work without supervision. Outsourced work with supervision. Supervision tasks. Kanban/LEAN production.

You can easily plan your project and the capacity you need. Your people are free and get the flexibility to organize their work how they think is best.

Get the latest version of LYNX TameFlow with all the tremendous features.

Get your copy of this high-quality Project Planning software LYNX TameFlow.

Single-Project Critical Chain Project Managment

Critical Chain Project Management is with Agile one of the most important contributions to project management of the past 20 years. Critical Chain makes it possible to accurate plans, even if your estimates are not accurate. LYNX offers you the most appealing tools from the Critical Chain Project Management toolbox. Like the Critical Chain, Buffer Management, the Fever Chart, Full Kit, and Issue Management to support your Process Of On Going Improvement (POOGI).

Resources and Skills

People are most important for your plan. LYNX offers you the possibility to keep track of your entire resource pool and their skills. So that you can easily plan your projects without the need to know who specifically will do the job. And spare the experts with unique capabilities till they are most urgently needed.

Your planning and the critical path starts changing when you start assigning resources to tasks. LYNX continuoulsly keeps track of these changes and helps you to keep an eye on the critical chain constantly. LYNX gives you a real time visual overview of the workload and availability of your people.


Agile is with Critical Chain Project Management one of the most important contributions to project management of the past 20 years.

LYNX enables you to create Agile work packages, create user stories, measure velocity in story points or any other measure, define a backlog, keep track of the burndown chart. Define your dedicated scrum teams. The Tame Flow client, that comes with LYNX provides an easy to use digital scrum board for your scrum teams.

Import your userstories easily from excel, or have the team create the user stories themselves.


When projects grow bigger, more people will be involved. Collaboration and communication are amongst of the most important success factors for projects.

LYNX helps your people to collaborate and align their work. With a personalized dashboard that fits their role. Supported by email notifications. Enabling them to timely and easily update their takes and report progress and prognoses. To add notes and raise issues within LYNX. Link important documents to projects and tasks.

Multi-project Critical Chain Project Management

The Release Wizard is the implementation of the Staggering  mechanism. To determine the right moment to start projects to meet client deadlines and without overwhelming your team.

Project Pipelining enables you to perform what-if scenario’s on your entire project portfolio, without affecting operational planning.

If you are a Project Portfolio Manager, or as PMO officer responsible for capacity planning, but fellow colleague project managers don’t use either LYNX or Microsoft, you can import user our friendly project resources schedules maintained in Excel. Ask us for the Excel Template.

No additional plugins or subscriptions

For some CCPM solutions you need to purchase Microsoft Projects Professional Licence. Or you need to install plugins for your Microsoft Projects Professional. This is not needed when you choose for LYNX. This is an important cost saving for you.

LYNX is designed for your, and for Critical Chain Project Management. It is all part of the standard subscription for LYNX.

And of course, LYNX imports and exports to Microsoft Projects and even from and to Excel. For seemless integration in any project managment environment.

Get the latest version of LYNX TameFlow with all the tremendous features.

Get your copy of this high-quality Project Planning software LYNX TameFlow.

Project managers have to be fully equiped with the latest insights around tools and methods. With this free LYNX TameFlow Project Planning software you are fully in control of your project. Purchase now .... and stay/go working with it!

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