3 Golden Rules

3 Golden Rules To Make Project Management Simple Again

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How to better complete your projects successfully? How to earn more trust from your clients and sponsors?

Those who do, earn more than trust alone. I struggled decades with my own projects. Many years I struggled decades with my own projects. Many years I studied project organizations, their structural problems, and success stories. It became clear that project management is far too complex. Too difficult for junior project managers to get started. Not helpful for senior project managers to better complete their projects successfully.

3 golden rules

I discovered that the key is astonishing simple. And it is in our DNA already! The same principles that form the basis for the existence of man, drives project success:

  1. Basic needs
  2. Collaboration
  3. Adequate plans

E-book for Junior and Senior Project Managers Only

With this new insight, it is possible to make project management simple again.
You might like it that I’ve brought this all together in a new concise e-book for you. You learn the 3 golden rules and how they are broken. And how to repair them.

If you are a junior project manager, it helps you. Without the need to first going through all the PM training, certification and years of experience. If you are a senior project manager, you learn what to focus upon. You learn how to simplify project management and how to bring in into practice immediately. To better complete your projects successfully and to earn trust from your clients.

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