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High-quality project management software for integration of Agile/Scrum into your project planning for multi-disciplinary projects

  • Plan all your projects in one environment in the cloud, ready to share and involve all your project members and stakeholders
  • Transform your projects to a full featured Critical Chain Project Management project
  • Integrate seamless Agile Scrum Work Packages in your planning
  • Get the most powerfull Project Management Dashboard and Portfolio Dashboard
  • Enjoy the free trainings on this site to get started
  • And much, much more!

Do you want to try this at home? With the latest version of LYNX TameFlow?

Download LYNX TameFlow and use it for 45 days for free.

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Projectmanagers have to be fully equiped with the latest insights around tools and methods. With this free LYNX TameFlow Project Planning software you are fully in control of your project. Download now .... and go working with it!

Dennis Valkenburg and Jan van Egmond
Owners Empower Your Projects

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